HGF Streams:


Streaming for Years! But Only Every Now and Then...

No matter what service or social media outlet it was, Dad was there with HappyGame Family before it was cool... then he didn't hang around long enough by quitting the day job to make a real go of it, leaving a kind of sparse presence. Considering the family has done okay financially over the years, without being subject to the volatility of all these platforms, he feels he made the right call. So enjoy the sporadic content! ;)


Building Up the Content Gradually

The nice thing about hobbiest webmastering is the feeling of accumulated work and accomplishment, kind of the same thing gamers enjoy with their gamerscore and list of trophies and achievements, only earning a meager trickle of AdSense revenue! Or at least it was, until YouTube got real picky on their monetization. Anyway, nevertheless of revenue, w're happy to share past content in the convenient outlet of YouTube, since Twitch is so unfriendly to non-live content.

Happy Game Family on Twitch

Our Twitch channel will feature any live gameplay sessions and performances in which we might engage.

Our Stream Schedule

You can find the Twitch schedule at the link which is complete and fully blown out in a way that reminds dad eerily of TV Guide, or you can find the tl;dr below.

Shows and Times:

  1. Nothing scheduled at this time.

Twitch/Stream/Share Archives

This YouTube playlist collects all our past streams into an archive you can watch back-to-back.

Watch it on YouTube:

Overwatch Highlight Music Videos

Dad likes Overwatch and plays it quite a bit (still), and he has cut together some of his gameplay highlights with some rockin' royalty-free YouTube music.

Watch it on YouTube:

Video Game Memorrhea

Here's a random collection of rare and hard-to-find videos from the history of video games, mostly little clips and interviews collected by Dad over the years from magazine supplemental discs, etc.

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